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Thirunakkara Temple

In the festival months of August and September, the rivers in and near Kottayam are turned into festival centres. In the Kumarakom Boat Race, conducted at Kavanar and Kottathodu rivers, about 50 types of boats, viz. Veppu, ody, Churulan and few snake boats, participate.


Situated 6 kilometers away from Kottayam, Kumaranelloor is famous for the Karthyayani (Devi) temple. Here "Trikarthika" day is important which is celebrated in the month of Vrischikam (November-December). The display of lights in the evening (Karthika Vilakku) is the highlight of this celebration.

Pallippurathu Kavu

Situated in the southern part of the Kottayam town this temple is devoted to Devi. The 'Kumbhakuta Mahotasva' here attracts a large crowd. It is held on the day of Pathamudaya (Tenth day of the month of Medam). The 'Garudan Thukkam' at night is also famous.

Saraswathy Temple, Panachikkad

Situated 8 kms away from Kottayam town, this temple is famous for Saraswathy Pooja in the month of Thulam (September-October). Saraswathi is worshipped as the goddess of learning. On the day of Durgasthami, the pooja veppu is performed with books arranged in a decorated room and all sorts of study and work are given up for the day. The Mahanavami Day is devoted to the worship of Saraswathi. The Vijayadashami day is observed as the day of conclusion of Pooja (pooja eduppu). On that , thousands of people arrive at this temple to initiate their children to learning.


Situated 6 kms North-east of Kottayam town, this temple is devoted to Lord Krishna. Offerings start as early as 3 o’ clock in the morning. The festival here, is in the month of April, which lasts for ten days. The Vilakkeduppu i.e, carrying lighted lamps by virgin girls during the festival, is famous. Thiruvarupu is also famous for Usha Payasam which is the main Vazhipadu.


Situated 25 km. north-east of Kottayam, the Subrahmanyia Swamy temple here attracts a large crowd of worshippers on the day of Shashti every month. In Kumbham (February-March) a 10 day long festival is celebrated here. The Chakiarkooth performed here is a speciality.

Subrahmanya-Temple in Kottayam

Perunnai (Changanacherry)

About 20 km. south to Kottayam town this is also one of the famous Subrahmanya Temple. The festival is in Dhanu which lasts for 10 days. Hundreds of worshippers especially ladies attend the 'Shashti' here.Temples at Ramapuram. Kadappattur, Vazhappallil, Udayanapuram, etc., are also famous.

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