Planters Home Stay

Planters Home Stay, a home away from home, is a cozy and eco-friendly mansion surrounded by tall rubber trees spreading their cool shade everywhere, majestic teaks piercing the sky and a thousand other green wonders.

The house sits ensconced in an orchard containing tropical fruit trees of every description. And quiet flows the river Meenachil beyond, beckoning you to pure beauty and scenic delights. Situated right in the heart of the calm and serene village of Amparanirappel,the property always filled with the buzz of busy bees, the songs of birds and the murmur of the cool breeze. A few days stay here would be an unforgettable experience that will be etched on your memory forever.

The Village

Planters Home Stay nestles in the serene and scenic Amparanirappel hamlet shaded by bewitching verdant foliage reverberant with bird melodies. Quite close flows the sacred river Meenachil, now quietly, now turbulently, enticing you to the primordial beauty of nature. Join in with it and get spiritually transformed.


The land around Planters Home Stay is, as it were, a latter-day Garden of Eden abounding in luxuriant vegetation, tall trees of all varieties, succulent pineapples and a host of variegated flowering plants that assail your senses.


Facilities at Planters Home Stay


Planters Home Stay is a spacious yet cozy two storeyd mansion, built 50 years ago. It has air-conditioned and ordinary rooms. Each room is bright and airy, with high ceiling and lots of windows and has access to the toilets.


Exotic and ethnic cuisines are our speciality. All the produce used in Planters Home Stay are very carefully sourced.

Yoga and Ayurveda Treatments

We can arrange for your ayurvedic treatment and yoga with Karuna Hospital at Pala, which is one of the best ayurvedic centers in Kerala. Food and care provided, but the prescribed dietary discipline has to be observed strictly. Treatment is conducted by a qualified ayurvedic physician using traditional methods. Herbs and raw materials used in treatment are sourced freshly from their locations of origin under the technical supervision of experts at every stage in production.

Banking and Money Transactions

International banking facilities are available for all money transactions.


Round the clock security and medical facilities whenever required.


We can arrange transportation from the nearest airport and back.

Elephant ride

Elephant rides can be arranged. Allow the elephant to approach you—he can get quite inquisitive and offer some the best photo options.

Other attractions

Plantation visit.

The Bungalow is surrounded by a spices garden where pepper, ginger, cinnamon, vanilla turmeric and tropical fruits are grown.
Country boat rode and swim (June to December)in Meenachil river running through the estate.
Ayurvedic rejuvenation on request.
Taditional dressing classes and native cooking demonstration.
Native cooking lessons.
Kalarippayattu(Martial art of Kerala) demonstration.
Classes on ayurvedic treatment by a teacher on request.


The weather at Planters Home Stay is congenial round the year. It is never too hot nor too cold, but is ideal for your physical and mental comfort. The ever present breeze is conducive to a good night’s slumber,

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