Kalaketty Estate Kanjirapally

Nestled in the midst of a lush green 150 acre estate is our traditional Syrian Christian home. We are a family of planters who have been living in this ancestral home for the past 3 generations. This house was built in 1930 by my grandfather, Mr. K.V. Joseph Pottamkulam.

The house is set amidst old and huge Mahogany, Teak, Mangostene, Nutmeg and Clove trees and overlooks lush green paddy fields. Rubber is the main crop we grow on the estate, besides cocoa, tapioca, pepper, vanilla, rice, coconuts, bananas and pineapples.

Your stay with us at our estate home would be a good opportunity to experience life as we do in the plantation. You will be well cared for and comfortable in our home, and your privacy is assured since the out house is independent from the family residence.

What You Will Experience

Step in and feel the warmth of an old Syrian Christian tharavadu. We offer our guests the opportunity to interact with our family.

Accommodation is offered in our family bungalow and in the large out house which is spacious and richly furnished. The heavily timbered doors and windows and the red oxide polished floors add to the grandeur of the house. The walls, plastered with lime-stone stucco added with egg whites are neatly finished and kept impeccably white.

Guests can enjoy a panoramic view of the beautiful lush green surroundings in utmost tranquility.

You can enjoy the delicious flavours of typical Syrian Christian food, cooked in the traditional manner using recipes that have been passed down from generations. Most of the fruits, spices and vegetables are grown organically in the farm.

Things to Do

:: Guests can watch rubber tappers at work in this 150 acre rubber estate.

:: The latex (rubber sap) is then processed and made into rubber sheets right here at the processing unit.

:: Being a multi crop plantation, the estate itself offers scenes of cultivation and harvesting of various crops.

:: A jeep ride through the estate will be an interesting experience.

:: Short walks through the farm down to the brooks and streams are sure to be a refreshing and invigorating experience.

:: Explore and experience the local village and the market on a bicycle.

:: Visit the St. Bendedictine Ashram 3 km from the residence. This monastery features an interesting blend of architectures of various religions.

:: For those who are interested in the traditional rejuvenating treatment, ayurvedic therapy can be arranged at the reputed Sukhodaya Ayurveda Center at Kanjirapally.

:: A visit to the vermi composting yard to get a first hand knowledge of the process.

:: A visit to the goat farm and the rabbit farm in the estate.

:: Our estate is a haven for birds like the Kingfisher, Myna, Woodpecker, Crow Pheasant, Indian Koel, Magpie Robin and Racket Tailed Drongo. Bird watching enthusiasts will have plenty to sight.

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